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In addition to the pipe band and dance troupe, McLane used the entire marching band in performance.

Arrangements were made for each instrument to play with the bagpipes.  The columns would be: dancer, musician, piper, musician, piper, musician, dancer.  (Scottish drums would be at the end of the pipers)  When the quick tempo of the Minstrel Boy would play the pipers and dancers would "pull out" and march forward, while the band marched in place.  After the conclusion of the song the dancers would either dance Scotch on the Rocks, Short mini fling, or both.  Then Scotland the Brave (from the short mini fling would continue on and the band would march forward to meet the group and all would continue marching.

This performance was a delight to see and won McLane many awards. 


Music Arrangements for Flute:


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