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Medal Display Plaques

After my beginners won their first medals we made these plaques together.  They all had so much fun picking out their colors & decorations.  In addition to being proud of the medals they won, they are proud of the beautiful plaque they put together to display them.


Materials Needed:

Wood Plaque

Velvet/Velveteen Material


Staple Gun or Craft Glue

Posterboard backing

Picture Hanger


Step 1:

Cut multiple layers of batting to the size of the plaque.  You want enough layers to allow for medals to be pinned on the velvet.  Attach to board with staple gun or glue.

Step 2:

Staple or glue velvet to back of board.  Do not pull velvet tight.


You may want to cut material from corners, so it doesn’t bulge too much.  It is easier to gather material at the corner then staple sides.


Step 3:

Attach posterboard to the back and attach picture hanger.


Step 4:

Decorate and attach medals.  Medals may be pinned, sewed or glued on.  An engraved name plate, patch or trinket may be attached. Ideas:

Sample Ideas:





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